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These blogs are for everyone wishing to create a business plan

Blog Introduction. We have a wealth of experience in business and management consulting and are eager to share our knowledge through a series of blogs.

Learning from both good and not-so-good experiences aligns us to be more adaptable for many industries and reminds us of one of our idols “Mr Warren Buffett”. He has a famous quotation that comes to mind “It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes.” Warren Buffet. His wisdom of learning from our own mistakes and those of others is a powerful way to grow and improve.

Our expertise in various areas such as business, e-commerce, human resources, accounting, finance, and website development highlights, undoubtedly valuable insights to our clients and readers.

We plan to offer tailored advice for creating business plans across different industries. This could be incredibly helpful for startups, businesses looking to expand, or those simply needing a roadmap to keep their thoughts and plans organised.

As a reminder, a business plan is a live document that should be updated as the business progresses and is an important point that often gets overlooked.

Here we go then – good luck!

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