You and Your Business

Your and Your Business. We have some suggestions which we think you should consider before starting your business. So you will start to create the pages that are required for a business plan. This is the first (1st) section that we start entering information about our business and should be one sheet and titled – […]

First things First

Preparing the Stage First things First – Preparing the Stage. When it comes to computer software for writing, editing, and managing documents, Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) is an excellent choice. It offers a suite of powerful applications that cater to various needs. Let’s explore the key apps within Microsoft 365: Remember that […]

Blog Introduction

Blog Introduction. We have a wealth of experience in business and management consulting and are eager to share our knowledge through a series of blogs. Learning from both good and not-so-good experiences aligns us to be more adaptable for many industries and reminds us of one of our idols “Mr Warren Buffett”. He has a […]