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These blogs are for everyone wishing to create a business plan

Your and Your Business. We have some suggestions which we think you should consider before starting your business.

  1. Address: Before you start your business, subscribe to a Mailing Address service, so that snail (post) mail can be collected. For a Limited company, you need to have an address where official documents can be sent or served. If you register your business at a mailing address service, then you are also potentially protection yourself from having physical visitors at your home address. All official documentation will be sent to that mailing address. Make sure that you check with your mailing address service on a regular business – so that you don’t miss any important snail mail.
  2. Phone Number(s): It will be more credible if you a separate landline/mobile number to receive calls and make calls. You don’t want clients/customers calling you at 11pm at night on your personal numbers. So invest in a separate number for your business. You can buy a dual-SIM mobile phone, to add another physical number on your mobile phone. Then you can register that 2nd mobile number with WhatsApp for Business, Google, and all other services.
  3. Hosting & Domain Name: Register a hosting and domain name plan for your business. This is important because that hosting and domain name plan can be used to create a website and set up email addresses for your business. We use and recommend Siteground who provide hosting for about 2,800,000 domains worldwide. Their services include shared hosting, cloud hosting, enterprise solutions, email hosting, and domain registration. We’ve bought their services for clients and ourselves since 2018, so we can recommend them. You do not won’t your competitors or someone else buying your domain name and using it instead of you. Each year you should renew the subscription to keep the domain name and email addresses active.

So you will start to create the pages that are required for a business plan. This is the first (1st) section that we start entering information about our business and should be one sheet and titled – Section A.

A.1. Business Name: Enter your business name.

A.2. Your Name: Enter your full name.

A.3. Business Location: Enter the location you plan to operate your business from.

A.4. Your Address: Enter your full address including postcode.

A.5. Telephone Numbers: (home, mobile and business).

A.6. Email Address: (personal and business). Enter your email addresses.

A.7. Business Start Date: The date you plan to start the business, or the date of the business expansion.

A.8. Business Website and Social Media Links: Enter your domain name and social media names.

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